A dialogue with the members of 2nd Baptist Church members and musical elders and the community's advocates for African American musical preservation, continuity and heritage.

Dr. Hansonia Caldwell, Moderator
The Role of Sacred Music in the History of 2nd Baptist Church and African American
Los Angeles

Saturday, March 18, 2006
1 pm - 3 pm
2nd Baptist Church

2412 Griffith Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90011-1631

This program for the Study of African Diaspora Sacred Music and Musicians has as its primary mission the study of the life and work of African Diaspora musicians in the field of sacred music and the collection, preservation and performance of their music.  The Forum facilitates dialogue with the community regarding the Archiving needs of the community, and assists us in completing the African Diaspora Sacred Music History of Los Angeles.

csudh logo WhiteThe African Diaspora Sacred Music & Musicians Program (ADSMM) is an archiving, research and performance program of the California State University Dominguez Hills Music Department , implemented in partnership with the Africana Studies Department and the University Library . The program is multidimensional, and includes the Georgia and Nolan Payton Archive of Sacred Music, the Dominguez Hills Jubilee Choir, and the African Diaspora Sacred Music and Musicians Network & Forum.