A dialogue with the members of Hamilton United Methodist Church and the community's advocates for African American musical preservation, continuity and heritage.

Dr. Hansonia Caldwell, Moderator

Saturday, November 29, 2003 - 1 PM

Hamilton United Methodist Church
6330 S. Figueroa St.., Los Angeles
Rev. louis Chase, Pastor


  • An Aural Moment in African Diaspora Sacred Music History from the holdings of The Georgia and Nolan Payton Archive of Sacred Music - Jubilant Sykes
  • Introductions & Acknowledgements
  • Introducing the Georgia and Nolan Payton Archive of Sacred Music and The National Endowment for the Humanities Grant
  • Introducing Hamilton United Methodist Church – Music, Musicians and History
  • Dialogue: Perspectives on Oral History and Preservation Efforts – A Town & Gown Imperative – Review of the Survey Document. Hamilton United Methodist Church Music Elders; Community and CSUDH student ethnographic archive liaisons; ADSM Board members


Hamilton United Methodist Church was established in October 1903, by W. H. Prioleau, H.C., Emma and Bessie Cummings, holding Sunday School services in their home at 244 Lindle Street . The church was known as Mason's Chapel from 1904-1919, and was organized in honor of Dr. M.C.B. Mason, Secretary of the Freedman's Aid Society of the Methodist-Episcopal Church . The trustees were H.C. Cummings, Oscar Sims, John Massey and W.H. Prioleau.

Mason's Chapel's first pastor was Reverend H.J. Hartnett, and the church's succeeding pastors were Reverend H.C. Cooper from 1905 to l909; Reverend J.W.M. Pickney from 1909 to 1911; and Reverend H.C. Cooper presided once again from 1911 to 1913; Reverend H.L.M. McKin1ey from 1913 to 1916; Reverend C.L. Eason from 1916 to 1917; and Reverend V.M. Cole from 1917 to 1919.

Mason's Chapel became Hamilton Methodist Church in 1919, under the pastorship of V.M. Cole, and relocated to 18th and Naomi Streets, where they assumed a $4000 mortgage.

Hamilton Methodist Church acquired a new pastor named Reverend Samuel Beane, on April 20, 1919 , who served as their pastor for 26 years, until his death in May 1945.

Hamilton ’s succeeding pastors were Reverend D. DeWitt Turpeau from 1945 to 1953; Reverend John N. Doggett from 1953 to 1964; Reverend Melvin Talbert from 1964 to 1967; Reverend Robert Habersham from 1967 to

1980; Reverend W1llie J. Foreman from 1980 to 1988; and Reverend Dr. Odis Fentry from 1988 to 1997 who currently serves as Superintendent.

Hamilton United Methodist Church relocated to 63rd and Figueroa Streets in 1953, consecrated the S.M Beane Building and held its first service on Palm Sunday, March 30, 1958 . The Church’s new sanctuary was completed in 1967 at 6400 S. Figueroa Street .

Hamilton Methodist Church became the current Hamilton United Methodist Church in 1968 and Church's current pastor is Reverend Louis A. Chase, who has been serving since 1997.

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