J Brousard lastDr. Ursula Jacqueline Lewis Broussard
Educator, conductor, community Leader on the cutting edge of the work of musicians in Los Angeles.

Place of birth:

  • Los Angeles

Family background:

  • Mother: Portia Pruitt Byrd, who was a music major at USC and an excellent pianist

  • Aunt: Ursula Pruitt Murrell, who was a music teacher, a president of the SouthEast Symphony Association, and an original member of the League of Allied Arts

  • Husband: Charles M. Broussard

  • Children & Grandchildren: Denise Orso, daughter; Portia Kim Broussard Stuart, daughter; Craig Broussard, son; Seven grandchildren and two great-granddaughters

Memorable Family Music Experiences:

  • performing piano duets with her mother; performing in a trio with her daughter, Denise and her mother.

Family Church:

  • Christ Temple Holiness Church of Christ

First Choral Music Experience:

  • Member of the choir at Christ Temple Holiness Church of Christ

Education Profile: Schools

  • 49th Street Elementary School

  • Foshay Junior High Schoo

  • Los Angeles High School

  • Pepperdine College

  • BA from CSU Los Angeles

  • MA from University of Southern California

  • PhD from Pepperdine

First music teachers:

  • Piano teachers: Lavinia Harper, Dones Nash, Sr. Jules Haywood, and Gladys Jackson

  • Studied cello in elementary, junior high school and high school with Helen Bicknell

  • Studied voice with Cecellia Dvorak

  • Studied dance (tap) with Willie Covan

Memorable experiences at school:

  • Playing in the orchestra at Foshay Junior High School, an ensemble that always won the orchestra competitions

  • Performing in the accappella choir at Los Angeles High School (with Berniece Hutchison as conductor)

  • Touring with Pepperdine’s choir

Professional Experience:

  • Choir director, Westminster Presbyterian Church

  • Choir director, SouthWest Presbyterian Church

  • Assistant Choir Director, Founders Church of Religious Science

  • Choir Director, Westside Church of Religious Science

  • 35 years in the Los Angeles Unified School District

    • teaching instrumental and choral music from the pre-school level through High School, including Collin Avenue in Westchester and Dorsey High School in Los Angeles, and
    • serving as Adviser to Special Education
    • serving as Area supervisor and District Supervisor of music

Most memorable/rewarding professional experiences:

  • producing the fully costumed holiday programs at Founders Church

  • working with Dr. Albert McNeil

  • producing the holiday programs at school

  • leading eighty children in the program that opened the Los Angeles Convention Center

  • producing music festivals in the San Fernando Valley

  • working with the Very Special Arts Festival at the Los Angeles Music Center

  • writing the music curriculum for special education

  • working with the CETA Program in music to bring professional musicians into the schools

  • chair of The Very Special Arts Festival at the Los AngelesMusic Center (a celebration with the 52,000 Special Education students of the district)

  • writing the Scope and Sequence music curriculum for special education

  • developing the CETA Performing Arts Program in music to bring professional musicians into the schools


  • Wrote original music for the Los Angeles Centennial (The Los Angeles Song; The 747Song)

  • The Martin Luther King Song

  • He Is My God

  • Turn Within

  • Come Let Us Sing

Memories of Outstanding Students:

  • Shelia Tate, vocalist

  • Dr. Paul Smith – Choir Director

  • Drake Price – Music Center Spotlight Award winner from the SouthEast Conservatory

Memorable Volunteer Experiences:

  • Performed in the Euterpian Orchestra and Choir, under the leadership of Freda Shaw.

  • Has served on the Board of the SouthEast Symphony Association (SESA) for thirty years, serving as President for fourteen years….currently President Emeritus

  • Gave leadership in establishing the SouthEast Symphony Conservatory in 1995.

  • Has served on the Board of the SouthEast Symphony for thirty years, serving as President for fourteen years.

  • Gave leadership in establishing the SouthEast Symphony Conservatory, an important music education institution that is now nine years old.

  • Served as president of the Los Angeles Elementary Music Teachers Association

  • Served as president of The Links, Inc. – Los Angeles Chapter

  • Served as Basileus of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority – Alpha Gamma Omega Chapter.

  • Charter member, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority – Theta Mu Omega Chapter.

  • Chair of two regional AKA conventions and two national AKA conventions.

  • Became a Life Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

  • Performed in the annual Alpha Kappa Alpha/Delta Sigma Theta Martin Luther King concerts.


  • 2005 – African American Trailblazer Award – Crenshaw United MethodistChurch

  • 1994 – Alpha Kappa Alpha-Theta Mu Omega Ladies of Distinction Award

  • 1987 – Top Ladies of Distinction – Unsung Heroine in Music Award

  • 1981 – Alpha Kappa Alpha-Ida Jackson Graduate Achievement Award

Professional Philosophy:

  • Music is for everyone to enjoy, to appreciate and to participate in


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